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Let me be the first person to write a review about Dawn Movers. I thought I had found them on Yelp when I was looking for moving services, but now I don't even know where I got them from. I was in contact with them on the phone and they seemed kind of weird, but I brushed it off when they sent me my estimate and it was considerately cheaper than anything else I had seen. When they sent me the confirmation for my move, I noticed that they put down that I needed 3 guys, when I only asked for 2. I immediately wrote to them and told them everything looked good, except I did not need three guys, only 2. I received no reply.

The day of the move the team showed up--3 guys, to my despair--and they were OK... although they were kind of slow and they scratched my wall. They also left a trail of trash from the elevator to the garage, and I was scared I would get in trouble with my building. When it was time to pay, they charged me about $200 more than the initial estimate, $507. The guy explained that it was because they had brought a third guy, and I had misunderstood the rate (I thought it was just $80 per hour, he said it was $80 per hour per person). I showed him my estimate and he just stared at me like, "sorry." FINE, I thought, I'll pay up and then check with the company on Monday to see what gives. I was distracted and I didn't check the receipt or anything. I know, I'm an ***, but that is not the point of this review.

On Monday, I actually received a call from "customer service"--notice the quotes, as they are there for a reason. The lady on the phone wanted to check how much I had paid for my services. I was immediately skeptical--what kind of company doesn't keep track of these things? She explained that when customers pay cash, they always check to see that the guys didn't overcharge and take something for themselves... OK, wtf, what kind of people do you hire there at Dawn Movers? I got defensive, because it became evident to me that something was wrong, and Dawn Movers was being cagey with me. They assured me that this was routine, but I thought the whole thing was weird and sketchy. And let me tell you, this was by far the worst customer service experience I've had in my life. The lady on the phone got even more defensive than me, talked down to me and REFUSED to let me speak to her manager.

I mentioned that in my estimate I only requested two guys and she said she didn't know anything about that. I told her I could send her the trail of emails (TO HELP HER OUT) and she said no. She was so rude, I can't even tell you. In the end, she told me she would look into all this, because it looked like I had been overcharged. She said she would call me back the next day (she didn't). Two days later I called her back:

Her: "Hi, this is [X]."Me: "Hi, this is Vanessa, we spoke on Monday..."Her: "Oh. You."

Hoookay, after I got past that lovely greeting, she explained that it looked like I had been overcharged by $200, but she still wasn't sure. She said she would call me back the next day. She didn't.

A couple of days later, I received a call from the DRIVER who had done my move. Apparently I was on speaker phone with him and the customer service lady. I was at work, completely blindsided, and the guy told me that ***I had only paid him ~$200 for the move and my roommate had paid him $100 for helping her set up her furniture (which they agreed to do, and had absolutely nothing to do with me)*** The man straight up LIED to me and his employers. I said, "NO, I paid you $507, because you said that the rate was $80 per person, per hour, and I had three people doing my move." The guy then said, "It's your word against mine."

I admit that after that, I lost it. I was so incredibly upset not only by the situation, but how HORRIBLY the company had handled it. They made me, the customer, confront the driver. I almost died of awkwardness. Then they told me I had no proof that I paid the amount I said I paid, because I paid cash and the driver neglected to write down how much he charged me, that the driver was innocent until proven guilty, etc, etc. I was completely dumbfounded. Not only had I lost my money, I was also being called a liar by the man who took it from me. And we even TIPPED THEM. I'm sorry for trusting your staff, Dawn Moving, that was clearly my mistake.

I'm cutting my losses before I develop an ulcer from the stress, anger and frustration that Dawn Movers has caused me. In conclusion, and sorry about the long review, AVOID THESE PEOPLE like the plague, they are THIEVES, they are unprofessional, rude, and disorganized. The only thing I thought they had going for them was the price, but was I wrong on that one too. I ended up paying as much as the other LEGIT moving companies had estimated for me. Moving is stressful, annoying and expensive enough as it is. Do yourself a favor and go with a moving company that will at least TRY to make the process go smoother and won't call you a LIAR and STEAL from you.

MORE INFO:They've had 10 complaints filed against them this year: http://bit.ly/MgeUwp

Here is a list of other reviews:http://bit.ly/OE3b6Zhttp://bit.ly/NtAJJ5http://bit.ly/Q4dc4P

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Moving day came and a small truck arrives with 3 men.Once they left we noticed that 2 dresser mirrors were missing and a head board was damaged.

So I called the office and they stated that they can drop the mirrors off in front of the home during a down pour from hurricane Lee. After telling them that was unacceptable they took another week to return property and that was dameged too.

Then they refused to pay for damages and attempted to extort more money from us after I filed a complaint with the BBB.BEWARE OF DAWN MOVERS!!!

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Agree - do NOT use dawn movers.They never even showed up to our scheduled move.

We kept calling and they finally told us they wouldn't make it.No apologies, nothing.

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